Pandan Cake Pound Recipe – Pandan cake making this version very easily. As with other types of pound cake, then it has the texture of dense cake due to the high content of butter. Perhaps an important part time make it is at the moment the Whisk butter and sugar until fluffy. Make sure the batter is formed has the appearance of fluffy, pale, and very fluffy. Besides granulated sugar also was not looking for real. The other crucial point again is enter the eggs gradually one by one, and make sure the egg terkocok with good butter dough together before entering the next egg. If the eggs have not mixed well so dough will look wet, and add the next egg will make the dough getting Soggy, bergerindil, and will be hard to homogeneous despite beaten long. Although the bergerindil butter dough does not affect the cake to inflate, but generally from we did hope the look of a smooth dough. Moreover there is not difficult when making this cake. 

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Pandan Cake Pound Recipe here and process it.

Pandan extract ingredients:

-12 pieces of pandan leaves, cut along ii cm
-150 ml of water

Cake ingredients:

-300 g flour poly peptides of low/moderate
-1 teaspoon double acting baking pulverization
-three tablespoons milk powder sum cream
1/4-teaspoon salt
-250 g butter/margarine
-250 grams of sugar
-ii teaspoon vanilla extract
-large size eggs v or vi if small grains
-seventy-100 ml of extract of pandan
-1 teaspoon of green pandan paste
-iv liquid tablespoon milk

Material carlo (brand of homemade baking dish):

-ii tablespoons margarine
-ii tablespoon vegetable oil
ii tablespoons all purpose flour

Preparation Pandan Cake Pound Recipe:

Stir so one ingredient carlo dimangkuk until homogeneous. Prepare a baking sheet tulban (middle hole), diameter 24 cm. Brush the surface with a brush using the median to carlo. Set aside.
Prepare oven, fix disuhu 170 ‘ C. I use an electric oven ignition with up and down. If using a gas oven, use a fire under it.  Place the roasting rack in middle of oven. If the oven is used short then place the roasting rack oven didasar. 

Prepare a bowl, stir in the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt and milk powder), mix well.
Enter the pandan leaves into a blender, pour water and pandan leaves process until crushed. Strain and set aside the water ekstak pandannya. 

Make the cake:

Prepare the mixer, stir in butter, then beat on medium speed with over three minutes until soft. Stir in granulated sugar, beat until fluffy, pale and visible light. Stir in vanilla extract, beat until well blended. 

Add the eggs, one by one, make sure the egg terkocok with good and well mixed in flat (homogeneous) and dough butter before entering the next egg. Beat until fluffy and white. Turn off the mixer. 

Note: to prevent dough butter bergerindil then make sure the butter and sugar are already beaten until really fluffy. Stir in the eggs one by one and make sure the egg terkocok with good butter dough together, looks homogeneous, not watery and swell, before entering the next egg. Too much fluid because eggs that have not been mixed with good will make the dough bergerindil. 

Stir in flour mixture in three stages, turning with a spatula stir until mixed well. Do not over mixing the dough, if it is already mixed immediately stop. The dough can also be dressed with the lowest speed of mixer.
Take a basic batter vegetable ladle ii and set aside into another small bowl. 

Add about seventy ml extract of pandan and pandan paste into dough mixer Bowl on white base, stirring behind by using a spatula. If the dough still looks heavy, solid and then pandan water be added dollop a spoonful of sake, and stir gently with the movement but turning quickly. Set aside.
Insert iv tablespoons fresh milk to the batter, white last set aside into a small bowl, mix well. 

Take the other half of the dough with a spoon and pour the white at the bottom of a baking dish, cover with half of the dough and pour back the rest of the dough is white above the Green dough. The last remaining green dough pour on the surface. Flatten the surface of the cake with a spatula. 

 yang juga pernah saya hadirkan dalam satu resep JTT Resep Pound Cake Pandan

Insert the baking sheet of dough to the oven and bake for 45-l minute.
Note: the baking time can vary depending on the type and brand of your oven. The time that I give above just as the basic benchmark but the timing certainly back to the oven.

Cake is considered cooked if the surface of the cake looks golden brown and when rib rapid thrusting into the middle of the cake then no dough attached.

Pandan Cake Pound Recipe – Remove the baking dish from the oven, let stand for xv minutes to eliminate steam heat. Invert cake onto wire rack and let stand until cooled. Cut the cake if it has been really cold. Serve. Yummy!

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