Tasty and savory Tongseng Beef Recipe Coconut Milkincluded in the condensed soups like goulash dishes with the flavours of the spices that are more complete. How to cook beef seasoning tongseng sharing with Spiced coconut milk make tongseng really savory and also full of flavour aroma. Its main characteristic is the use of meat as a main material, as well as cabbage vegetable material as its alloy, so this menu should be already highly recommended to try.

The menu of this cuisine struggle very close as the dinner menu the reason is often sell at night with santannya which is served hot. Beef is the meat types commonly used in how to create a tasty and savory tongseng, other than mutton or chicken.

Tongseng seasoning recipes with delicious gravy flavour capable of using coconut milk or coconut milk without as variations to customize taste. Coconut milk in food is not merely a savory taste and aroma. Coconut milk consumption are not excessive also has many benefits for health especially instrumental in the formation of the immune system of the body as well as a defense against the disease.

Tongseng Beef Marinade Recipe Ingredients

The taste of beef tongseng according the above image is no less special than tongseng stalls. This menu has always been my most favorite when the feast of Eid Al-adha after the slaughtering of the animal sacrifices. If want to find out what herbs and materials needed to cook your own tongseng at home, here’s the recipe as well as the easy way to make it already guided below.

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The ingredients and seasonings:

400 grams of beef cut into small pieces
2 pieces of Orange leaves
2 stalks serai digeprek or memarkan
2 stalks green onion slices
1 sliced tomato fruit
4 grains of cardamom
6 grains cloves
750 ml water
1 packet (65 ml) coconut milk kara
6 tbsp sweet soy sauce
oil for sauteing to taste

4 grains of red onion
3 cloves garlic
1 TBS roasted coriander
5 roasted hazelnut grains
2 cm turmeric roasted
3 cm ginger

How To Make Beef Tongseng Recipes

  • Heat a little oil, stir in lime leaves and Lemongrass. After the fragrant spices finely and then enter enter beef, stir-stir well and cook until meat changes color.
  • Pour the water and then stir in the cloves and cardamom, stir well then wait for it to boil.
  • Pour the coconut milk, Cook while stirr then enter the tomatoes. Cook until the flesh is tender and everything is cooked, then raise and subsequent tongseng cow is ready to be served while warm.


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