Recipes Tempeh Bacem Indonesian specialties – this time we will introduce an original cuisine from Indonesia which has been around since the days before the country became independent. The ancestors of heritage recipes up to now still preserved is a recipe Tempe Bacem. Tempe Bacem recipe it is a speciality of the island of Java, as has become typical of Javanese people that all of the food is definitely more sweet.

As in Tempe Bacem Recipe, also have a taste of the cuisine are legit and tasted all spice. The making of a recipe is very simple that Tempeh Bacem very easy to emulate by beginners who want to try cooking Tempeh Bacem. Tempe Bacem Javanese recipes is now a cuisine by many, because of this in modern times most people prefer to consume fast junkfood cuisine or Cuisines, so start by times.

But not to worry, for those of you who have already felt the delicacy Tempeh Bacem it what it looks like, and want to make it but don’t know how? Please follow the step by step from us at clearly. Here we’ll share what the ingredients are and how Recipes Tempeh Bacem are tasty and savory so, you guys can practice it yourself at home.

It tastes sweet, salty, savory legit, there was a little spicy, and after being bitten turned out to tender makes it mandatory Bacem Tempe Recipes you try. Because Tempe Bacem is well suited to breakfast menu, lunch or dinner. Tempe Bacem consuming will not make us fat, with a sufficient portion of tau notes do not greedy to eat. In addition to the main ingredients of the nutritional content of Recipes Tempeh Bacem is Tempe which has lots of benefits that are good for the body.

Recipes Tempeh Bacem Indonesian Food

Tempe is a food made from soybeans that are then processed in such a way to Tempe. Because Tempe made from soybeans soybean nutrient content automatically in Tempe that is has a lot of protein, amino acids, fat is not compound, niacin, omega 3 and 6, B vitamins, minerals, etc. are very good for our body. Tempe can be processed into a variety of very tasty dishes, including fried tempe, tempe orek, tempeh, dried chilli tempe, tempe, tempe balado lombok ijo, fritters, egg, nugget tempe, tempe mendoan, fried foods, etc. much more, and this time we will be processing Tempe Bacem Tempe.

Recipes Tempeh Bacem Indonesian Food – Tempe Bacem recipe is a traditional recipe that is very special and obligatory preserved, because it felt really does not disappoint even will make you guys hooked. How to make Tempeh Bacem Recipe is very easy and practical, all materials needed you can find in the market, a grocery store, to the traditional stalls. Just let refer to the fine Recipes Tempeh Bacem Indonesia Specialties below in full.

Recipes Tempeh Bacem Indonesian Food

Tempe Bacem Recipe Ingredients Without The Coconut Water:

Prepare 400 Gr. of tempe (medium cut according to taste)
Prepare 300 ml water
Prepare 1 tablespoon brown sugar
Prepare 1 tablespoon tamarind water
Prepare the salt, sugar and sweet soy sauce, to taste (to taste)
Prepare the 2 pieces of bay leaf
Prepare 2 cm galangal, geprek
Prepare cooking oil (for frying)

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Fine Herbs Jadah Tempeh Recipe Without Coconut Water:

Prepare 4 grains of red onion
Prepare 3 cloves garlic
Prepare 1/2 tsp coriander
Prepare 2 grains candlenut

How To Make Tempeh Bacem Recipe Without Coconut Water:

  • The first step, combine spices with water, brown sugar, acid, sugar, salt, and sweet soy sauce in the skillet or pan (use a medium heat). Enter tempe, stacking and flatten to seasoning, add the bay leaf and galangal.
  • Then cook over low heat until marinade seep water and shrink. Lift up and chill.
  • Heat the oil and then FRY until dark brown colored tempeh. Lift, drain and serve.

Tempe Bacem Recipe Ingredients With Coconut Water:

Prepare 400 g tempeh, cut according to taste
Prepare the 800 ml coconut water
Prepare 100 grams of brown sugar, comb
Prepare 2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
Prepare 1 pieces of bay leaf
Prepare a 1 cm galangal, memarkan
Prepare 1/2 tsp salt
cooking oil (for frying)

Fine Herbs Jadah Tempeh Recipe With Coconut Water:

Prepare 6 grains of red onion
Prepare 4 cloves garlic
Prepare HR 1/2 cilantro
Prepare 3 stalk Lemongrass, take his white

How To Make Tempeh Bacem Recipe With Coconut Water:

  • The first step, ungkep or boiled tempeh along with coconut milk, brown sugar, sweet soy sauce, Bay leaves, galangal, salt, and seasonings until cooked fine and pervasive. Then drain.
  • Heat the oil, then fried tempe already boiled last over medium heat until browned. Lift, drain and serve.
  • Our special recipe Tempe Bacem present into two versions of IE version Recipes Tempeh Bacem Without coconut milk, a recipe that is perfect for you who feel distress looking for coconut water and wants the material just potluck. As for the other versions are Recipes Tempeh Bacem With coconut water, although it has more material kind but the sense from Tempe Bacemnya will be more savory taste that use coconut water because of coconut juice that is produced will be absorbed into the Tempe thus creating a distinctive flavour.
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So how to make Tempeh Bacem Recipes And typical cuisine of Indonesia. Hopefully Indonesia despite experiencing a very rapidly changing times, will still be able to preserve its culture and variety of gastronomic wealth, such as Prescription Tempe Bacem. Tempe that became the legacy of the archipelago were able to be processed into a variety of world cuisines, so mandatory for us to remain loving Tempe by way of consumption as often as possible, because the food is made from Tempeh is good for the body. In addition to using tempe, you can also replace it with other material, to know and also how to make it just like the recipe Tempe Bacem above.

Recipes Tempeh Bacem Indonesian Food The recipe that we presented earlier is certainly no less special Recipe with Tempeh Bacem, namely bread recipe Vegetable Ragout Contents Canape very practical and healthy. Look forward to our other recipes just in selection of mothers to cook properly. Good luck


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