Ginger Cake recipe for christmas day – for the Christian believer must have been familiar with a little snack Pastries called Ginger or Ginger Bread Cookies, snack menu because it is one of the Obligatory Christmas Day always falls on December 25th each year. According to the history in a nutshell, the origin of the existence of this Christmas Gingerbread that is present around the 13th century there was a Christian from Germany who came to France and brought a Christmas Gingerbread then he teaches, how Ginger Cake recipe or Gingerbread Cookies to the Ministers in France and the Christian. To the immigrants at the time Germany brought Sweden to the gingerbread cake.

In European countries, the celebration of Christmas is indeed synonymous with winter indeed fell on December 25th to be exact. Because of Christmas day coincided with weather conditions in the winter so no wonder if European countries with identical cakes made from spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and others. Therefore the Gingerbread Recipe became one of the most favorite cake is the mainstay at Christmas.

Ginger Cake recipe is a Pastry made from Gingerbread and other cakes, then these Gingerbread shape such that the unique shape and very thick with atmosphere of Christmas. Gingerbread recipe use sweet ingredients such as natural sugar and chocolate so it is secure is consumed by everyone.

Although the Gingerbread Recipe is one of the Obligatory Christmas day, not a means for other religions should not join the eat it. Because it tastes sweet, savory, plus the warmth of Ginger flavor and fragrant aroma of Ginger mixed typical cinnamon make everyone addicted to eat it.

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How to make Gingerbread is straightforward, the materials and the tools used are also available in many shops nearby bread tools and materials. In addition for our Gingerbread formation so unique and funny as well as varied, then you can use a dry cookie cutter Christmas themed. Usually the shape of a Christmas tree, Christmas gift, Christmas socks, until Christmas Snowman.

Curious how to make gingerbread with easy and practical, for your special day with family and colleagues when Christmas arrives tomorrow? We’ll share the recipe Gingerbread crisp savory and scrumptious to you all. Check out fine special recipes for you, Obligatory Gingerbread Recipe Day following Christmas.

Ginger Cake Recipe Ingredients:
Provide 250 gr flour
Provide 100 gr butter (room temperature)
Provide 125 gr sugar Palm
Provide 50 gr powdered sugar
Provide 1 tsp powdered kayumanis
Provide 2 tsp ground ginger
Provide 1/2 tsp baking soda
Provide 2 eggs
Provide 4 tbsp honey

How To Make A Ginger Cake Recipe:

  1. The first step, combine flour with baking soda, powdered ginger, kayumanis and into a container while stirring gently until evenly distributed.
  2. Then stir in butter and stir with a fork until smooth and evenly like sand.
  3. Next add the Palm sugar and refined sugar that had previously been sifted and stir until blended.
  4. Combine eggs with honey and then shake it off. Input into the egg batter dough of flour and stir constantly with a wooden spoon until mixture blends and evenly. Then, let the dough for 30 minutes (cover the dough with a cloth container/clean and hygienic napkins).
  5. Then, roll the dough as approx 1/2 cm, and then print the mold form a human-like ginger, Christmas Angel, Star, Christmas tree, snowman, (according to taste). Arrange on a baking sheet that has been previously coated oil-paper/paper bread and butter has been smeared in a thin (not to the point of sticking while baking)
  6. Then, bake the dough that has been printed in diloyang in the oven with a temperature of 180 degrees centigrade for 12 minutes until cooked through. Once cooked, remove and let cool.
  7. Lastly, the ornamental Gingerbread with royal icing according to the tastes and drain briefly.
  8. Serve in a pretty jar in your collection.
  9. If you find it a hassle to make Royal Icing alone at home, then you can use Royal Icing Instant but sometimes difficult in may, so the suggestions we make it yourself at home. You can decorate Gingerbread with a variety of color and decoration you like.
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Make a Gingerbread Recipe with decorations as beautiful as possible, so that everyone who sees the results of homemade Gingerbread interested to taste it without hesitation. If the display Cake Jahenya gorgeous, will certainly provoke a lot of attention people especially young children.

A tasty, healthy snacks and a privileged day ddi quality tentunyamenjadi is the perfect choice to complement your Christmas Celebration. So how to make Gingerbread Christmas Recipes and delicious and beautiful. Previously we have given one of the Traditional cake recipe which is still awake preserved until now, namely the original Galundeng Banyumas cake recipe that comes from the city of the Knights.

Continue to look forward to our presence with delicious menus and other unique only in the and don’t forget to try our recipes should be with your family and your colleagues in the House, share if this article can be of benefit to you. Thank you and good luck


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